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August 2010 Charts

Station Top Ten
1. Christopher Willits “Tiger Flower Circle Sun” (Ghostly International)
2. Various “Comedy Block”
3. Shigeto “What We Held On To EP” (Ghostly International)
4. The Herbaliser “Herbal Tonic” (Ninjatune)
5. Unko Atama “Another Creature” (s/r)
6. Various “Car and Driver”
7. Frank Zappa “Joe’s Garage”
8. J Dilla “Donuts” (Stones Throw)
9. Microfiche “Jetpacks & Laser Beams”
10. Eleventh Sun “God is Laughing at You EP” (Altosync)

Rock / Alternative / Pop
1. Christopher Willits “Tiger Flower Circle”
2. V/A “Car And Driver: The Greatest Car Songs”
3. Michrofich “Jetpack And Laser Beams”
4. Depeche Mode “Violator”
5. Dead Confederates “Sugar”
6. Valerie Orth “Faraway City”
7. CEO “White Magic”
8. Carne Cruda “Oakland’s Tight”
9. Wild Nothing “Golden Haze”
10. THE FAMOUS / Come Home To Me

1. Shigeto “What We Held On” (Ghostly International)
2. Eleventh Sun “God is Laughing at You LP” (Altosync)
3. Oriol “Night and Day” (Planet Mu)
4. We Love “We Love”
5. Various Artists “The Art of Noise”
6. Pale Sketcher ” Jesu: Pale Sketcher” (Ghostly International)
7. Simian Mobile Disco “Simian Mobile Disco”
8. Neon Indian “Should Have Taken Acid With You”
9. Deru “Say Goodbye to Useless”
10. Jammer “Jahmanji” (Ninjatune)

Punk / Ska
1. Unko Atama “Another Creature”
2. Joe’s Garage “Joe’s Garage”
3. DOA “Bloodied But Unbowed”
4. Toy Dolls “Dig That Groove Baby”
5. Dead Kennedys “Plastic Surgery Disasters”
6. Rudo Movimiento “Rudo Movimiento”
7. The Potential Jones “Chinese Telephones”
8. Misfits “Collection I”
9. Gallows “Grey Britain”
10. Hudson Criminal “Last Days of Man

Hip Hop/Soul/RnB
1. J Dilla “Donuts”
2. Wax Tailor “Tales of Forgotten Melodies”
3. V/A “Carolina Funk – First In Funk”
4. Janelle Monae “The Archandroid”
5. Nujabes “First Collection”
6. RJD2 “Deadringer”
7. Shigeto “What We Held Onto EP”
8. Sly & the Family Stone “The Essential Sly & the Family Stone”
9. 40 Winks “Sound Puzzle”
10. Brak the Mask “Red Dark Funk”

1. Unko Atama “Another Creature”
2. Microfiche “Jetpacks & Laser Beams”
3. Joe’s Garage “Joe’s Garage”
4. Valerie Orth “Faraway City”
5. The Famous “Come Home to Me”

International / World
1. Angus and Julia Stone “Down the Road”
2. King Africa “Bomba Latina”
3. V/A ” Sicodelic 60s Peru”
4. Chico Trujillo “Cumbia Chilobiana”
5. Core of the Coalman “Affinity Groups”

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