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Belarusians create naked workplaces

Belarusians take naked pictures in workplaces and show the images on the web. But what is behind this unusual action?

Belarus is lead by authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko State, and when the president says something Belarusians follow him. In a recent example, the Belarusians take a statement made by Lukashenk to its naked core.

One has to “go forth and work” said Lukashenko. Then let one of the economy better soon. He probably meant something like “roll up their sleeves”. But this is above all the young Belarusians matter and they take their president literally. Under the hashtag “take it off at work” (# ????????????????????) people have been taking photos of themselves on social networks like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where they are naked at work. The currently high temperatures in Belarus make it easier to take part in the action.

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