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Deputies kill man at South Bay marijuana farm


A man was shot and killed by Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputies after he pointed a rifle at them in a remote area where 20,000 marijuana plants were being grown, authorities said Thursday.

The man, whose name has not been released, was shot at about 10:25 a.m. Wednesday when he pointed a rifle at deputies who were on a “scouting mission” for marijuana, said Sgt. Rick Sung.

Three deputies shot the man, Sung said. Despite being shot, the man again reached for the rifle, prompting the deputies to fire another volley at him, Sung said.

Deputies initially believed another person fled the scene, but Sung said it was possible another group of deputies had seen the same suspect running before he was shot dead.

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Mission bar fight turns bloody


A bar fight in the Mission district landed two brawlers in the hospital, one with a stab wound, police said.

A 30-year-old man was assaulted by a patron after they argued in the bar on the 2200 block of Mission Street around 1:15 a.m., police said. Two other men joined in on the beating, so the victim — in self defense — whipped out a knife and cut his initial attacker, police said.

The other two assailants then fled the scene, but the sliced brawler continued to fight with the victim, police said. Both ended up in the hospital with injuries that were not life threatening, and the attacker who reportedly struck the first blow was arrested, police said.

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Half Moon Bay moves on

Daily Journal

Don’t ask the Half Moon Bay Little League Junior All-Stars what losing feels like — they couldn’t begin to tell you.Half Moon Bay stayed perfect on the season after an 8-5 win over Niles-Centerville of Fremont on Thursday to win the Section 3 tournament championship at Gomes Elementary School. Half Moon Bay (6-0) advances to the divisional round and plays on 8 p.m. Saturday against Hollister at American River College.

“These kids are very resilient, no question, but having a little bit less of heart attack mode moments would be nice,” Half Moon Bay manager Rich Forslund said with a smile.

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Most Massive Star Discovered—Shatters Record

National Geographic Daily News

A newfound star has shattered the record as the most massive stellar monster ever seen, astronomers announced today.

Weighing in at a whopping 265 times the mass of our sun, the behemoth may have actually slimmed down since birth, when it likely tipped the scales at 320 times the sun’s mass.

The discovery could rewrite the laws of stellar physics, since it’s long been thought that stars beyond a certain mass would be too unstable to survive.

“We are really taken aback, because up until now the astronomical community at large has assumed that the upper size limit for stars would be around 150” times the mass of the sun, said study co-author Richard Parker, an astronomer at the University of Sheffield in the U.K.

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White House Asks for Review of Firing of Official

New York Times

The White House intervened late Tuesday night in a racially-tinged dispute that prompted Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to fire a black civil servant, and Mr. Vilsack is now reconsidering his decision.

“I am of course willing and will conduct a thorough review and consider additional facts to ensure to the American people we are providing services in a fair and equitable manner,” Mr. Vilsack said in an e-mail statement sent at about 2 a.m. Wednesday.

A White House official confirmed that advisers to President Obama spoke to officials at the Department of Agriculture “and we agreed that the issue should be reviewed.” The official, speaking anonymously to reveal internal discussions, said Mr. Vilsack was amenable.

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Oakland approves measures allowing large marijuana farms, small growers upset

NY Daily News

Oakland’s City Council is high on marijuana as a budding business.

The California city’s politicians adopted measures that give the go-ahead for large-scale pot farms as a way to generate revenue and regulate the industry late Tuesday night.

In other words, Oakland wants cannabis to go capitalist.

The move could really pay off for the city if state voters approve Prop. 19, a November ballot initiative that would legalize recreational use of pot.

For starters, applicants must spend $5,000 to cover the administrative costs the city will charge. They must also have $3 million for insurance and fork over a $211,000 annual permit fee to the city.

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Protesters ousted from apartments in Mission


A long-empty floor of apartments in San Francisco’s Mission District provided short-term shelter this week to activists upset with Mayor Gavin Newsom.

The occupation began Monday afternoon when members of the group Direct Action to Stop the Cuts quietly entered the second floor of the building at the northwest corner of 20th and Mission streets. They were joined later by several dozen supporters who also held a nearby rally.

The protesters ordered pizza and settled in for the night – until a dispersal order from police prodded all but five to move on. Those individuals were arrested late Tuesday morning, cited for trespassing and then released.

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Senate could extend jobless benefits, Times says


The US Senate is expected to break a stalemate today over extending unemployment benefits for millions of out-of-work Americans, The New York Times is reporting.

The debate has been stalled since June, with Democrats being one vote short of Senate approval.

Today Carte Goodwin is scheduled to be sworn in to succeed Robert C. Byrd, the Democratic Senator from West Virginia who died last month. Along with the support of Senators Susan Collins and Olympia J. Snowe, both Maine Republicans, Senate Democrats believe they have the 60 votes needed to prevent a Republican filibuster of the measure, The Times is reporting.

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Black California activists divided over legal marijuana


Because non-violent drug arrests affect black men and women disproportionately, many find themselves agreeing with the sentiments of California NAACP head Alice Huffman, who supports an upcoming ballot measure to legalize marijuana in the state.

Countless studies have shown that black Americans’ drug use is in line with our share of the U.S. population (about 12-13 percent of black Americans use illegal drugs), but our drug arrests far outpace that. Non-violent drug crimes help explain the soaring rate of black incarceration in the 1980s and through the 1990s.

In a recent N.Y. Times, Ms. Huffman said, “I’m not encouraging anyone to recreationally use marijuana.”  “I am simply focused on the injustice and the disparities in the criminal justice system.”

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Oakland could go to pot in a big way with four proposed factory farms

LA Times

The state’s pot-friendliest city could approve a plan to set up four marijuana factory farms. But it has ignited intense opposition from medical marijuana activists, dispensary operators and growers.

Oakland could approve a plan Tuesday to set up four marijuana factory farms, a step that could usher in the era of Big Pot.

The proposal is a testament to just how fast the marijuana counterculture is transforming into a corporate culture. And it has ignited a contentious debate in Oakland that could spread as cities face pressure to regulate marijuana cultivation and find ways to tax it.

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