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ARTEMIS / Auralei CD / PTFM Records / 2010

More shoegazer “trip-pop” from Oakland – not a place from whence I’d expect stuff this mellow, but that’s me.  COCTEAU TWINS are a decent point of departure for the sound these guys conjure, although I could list off a bunch more 4AD bands as well.  Dreamy and spacey – probably good for coming off of a tough “morning after.”


1  “Auralei” (have no idea what it’s about, but it sounds sumptuous)
3 “Seven” (shades of KATE BUSH)
6 “Lagoon” (short and sweet dance stuff)

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MAD CADDIES Consentual Selections CD

MAD CADDIES / Consentual Selections CD/ Fat Records / 2010

I have to say that I’m a sucker for horns added to a punk/ska/reggae mix.  These guys have a great sense of music history, and blend all kind of musics from the last century so seamlessly it’s astonishing.  Not ever song hits a home run, but when they get it right, these CADDIES easily hit it out of the park.


6  “State Of Mind” (almost sounding like MEN AT WORK)
10 “Monkeys” (goofy banjo Dixieland punk)
17 “The Gentleman” (straight-ahead punk potboiler)

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DANDELION WAR Geometries And Orchids CD

DANDELION WAR / Geometries And Orchids CD/ Self-Released / 2010

Shoegazer pop seems to be hitting a 20 year nostalgia peak right about now.  Here’s an only slightly updated version of the sounds that used to come from MY BLOODY VALENTINE and LUSH a generation back.  Still sounds sweet, but can get a bit self-consciously pretentious at times.  A different kind of Oakland sound to be sure…


2  “Spectacle” (did I mention they sound like the DOVES?)
3 “Kahlo” (spacey tribute to a famous artist)
6 “The Petals Of Lipaceli” (COLDPLAY, anyone?)

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NEW AT PCR: Rickolus-Youngster

Rickolus/ Youngster/ Circle Into Square

The album, Youngster by Rickolus, is pure indie magic. Concocted and brewed in a little green shed in his backyard, Richard Colado provides a downhome atmospshere to his music with real heart and soul. A true indie masterpiece, Rickolus also incorporates piano and accordion to implement an eclectic vibe to his folk type of indie displayed in this album. He also is able to shift through the album flawlessly with upbeat guitars on songs like “Kid,” chamber pop sounding songs like “Good Old World,” to melancholy piano driven songs like “Cemetary.” The album provides the perfect addition to any indie rock fan.

Track picks:
1. No Future
3. My Old Face
6. Good Old World
9. We Never Had Much

For fans of: Arcade Fire, The Walkmen, Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground, Inlets, Chris Garneau, Belle and Sebastian

FCC Not Friendly:
5. Story of Love

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NEW AT PCR: Common Grackle-The Great Depression

Common Grackle/ The Great Depression/ Circle Into Square

With an opening track greeting you as if you’ve just entered your local Urban Outfitters, the upbeat album contradicting its title “The Great Depression,” by Common Grackle is filled with hip and experimental tracks with mixes of indie pop and subtle hints of hip hop. Armed with hilariously sarcastic lyrics as well, tracks like “At the Grindcore Show,” showcase Common Grackle’s poppy and hip album most likely to be played at any underground(and pretentious) boutique or perfect for anyone just needing a chuckle that comes with great beats.

Track picks:
1. Thank God It’s Monday
7. Big Marquee
9. Safe Word Play

For fans of: Hot Chip, Gregory Pepper, Factor, Delby L, Deadpan Darling

FCC Not Friendly:
6. Down with the Ship
9. Safe Word Play
10. Magic Beans

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New at PCR: Christopher Willits – Tiger Flower Circle Sun

Christopher Willits / Tiger Flower Circle Sun / Ghostly International

Combining ambience and electro dream-pop, Christopher Willits has just released his latest, Tiger Flower Circle Sun. “i am a conduit of the process, a kind of gardener,” Willits has said of himself and his fashion of creating music. Using and designing much of his own software to create his masterpieces, this abstract visualizer definitely delivers in tracks like “Plant Body”, “The Heart Connects To The Head”, and “Flowers Into Stardust”. The pinnacle of the album arrives in “Light Into Branches”, complete with the rare vocal accompaniment and keys of nostalgia. Not only is it an extremely visual piece, the cohesiveness of the tracks make the beats and loops that much more melodic. FCC Clean.

Tracks that stood out:
3. Sunlight Is You
7. New Life
9. The Heart Connects To The Head
10. Intend-Evolve
13. Light Into Branches
15. Flowers Into Stardust

Sounds like:
Taylor Deupree, Shuttle 358, Fourcolor, Sawako

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New Music Review: Open Mike Eagle “Unapologetic Art Rap” (Mush Records)

Open Mike Eagle “Unapologetic Art Rap” Mush Records

Review by Salex

Its about time for a good underground hip hop record to come out this summer. Open Mike Eagle is an extremely talented freestyle MC that has been dominating stages and battles in the LA underground, and on a national level. As a co-founding member of the crews Swim Team and Thirsty Fish, Open Mike Eagle melds knowledge, energy and lyrical prowess with amazing timing and rhythm. His latest full-length release, “Unapologetic Art Rap”, is a great example of how the underground hip hop scene is still alive in Los Angeles. His smooth crisp voice, diction and annunciation of lyrics mixes well with the sampled records and beats. The subject matter is a combination of dark gritty social commentary, inner reflection, and “art rap” parties. The first track “Art Rap Party”, Mike raves about how there “ain’t no party like an art rap party, cuz and art rap party’s so smart”, but he is quick to clown those who claim they are “art artists”. Most of you probably know the type; the hipsters at shows (of any type) because it is the intelligent “cool” thing to do for the moment. Scenesters who are quick to flee and move on to the next “cool” thing, so that they feel art-like. He questions what art rap really is in track #7, and rhymes about going to parties where “rappers rapping about art, where the artists are painting rappers while the rappers are rapping about the artists painting the rappers”. Mike is definitely not a scenester. He is in it for the love; the passion; artistic expression, and  his overall addiction and dedication to hip hop. In the track, “I Rock” Underground hip hop is a scene supported by hard working producers and MCs trying to scrape by on the small amount they get paid for gigs., and in the track “I Rock” Mike tells us that he is a ” 9 to 5’er”, because he “can’t rap for a job”, because he is a completely committed hip hop MC, constantly “swimming in hip hop”, but he “can’t look like a slob”. Even though he is in the rat race by day he is a kick ass dominating rapper by night. Rockin’ with his “Freak Flag” out, Open Mike Eagle is confident, witty MC who is not afraid to show his overly observant, intelligent rhyming skills. He speaks his mind in rhymes. This is not your typical dance floor party hip hop. These are intelligent, poetic and sophisticated hip hop tracks with cleverly chosen instrumentals, and heart thumping bass; minus the cheesy repetitive Top-40 hooks. This is the perfect summertime album to pop on at a house party or poolside enjoying some drinks, or just to relax and groove to.

For Fans of: Aesop Rock, Azeem, Myka 9, The Grouch & Eligh (Living Legends)
Genre: Hip Hop, Experimental

**FCC WARNING** Tracks: 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13

My track picks
#2 – Freak Flag
#3 – I Rock
#7 – WTF is Art Rap?
#8 – Unapologetic

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HOT FOG Wyvern And Children First EP

HOT FOG / Wyvern And Children First EP / Self-Released / 2010

RONNIE JAMES DIO may be gone, but he’s far from forgotten. A whole new generation of geeky Dungeons and Dragons-playing metalheads are keeping the dream alive, steeped in Olde English Pagan mythology and rhythmic bass-string boogie. The lyrics are written in Gothic typeface, and the back cover of this 45RPM 12” vinyl offering includes the classic comment, “I’m gonna kill you in the face.” It will make the adolescent male nerd in you start jerking your cervical spine violently!


1 “Dwarf King Of The Sovereign” (can’t get more D&D than that!)
3 “Blood Wedding” (serious ‘70s metal vibes)
4 “Death Killers” (the sequal to “Killed By Death”?)

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WIMPY DICKS Home Grown Terror CD

WIMPY DICKS / Home Grown Terror CD / Bopp’N’Skin Records / 2010

It’s like I stepped into a time machine and am suddenly back to 1982, listening to hardcore punk bands practicing in someone’s mom’s basement. This release actually captures that naïve and spontaneous feel that made hardcore so appealing back in the day

D.R.I., M.I.A., J.F.A.

3 “Congressional Body Bag” (anti-war anthem)
7 “Unknown Soldier” (the M.I.A. classic)
10 “Natural Causes” (shades of SUBHUMANS UK)

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NEW AT PCR: Morcheeba- Blood Like Lemonade

Morcheeba/ Blood Like Lemonade/ Pias

The atmospheric new album by Morcheeba, “Blood Like Lemonade,” leaves you with its haunting prescence and wanting more trip hop eclectic mixes of shadowy songs narrated by the soulful voice of Skye Edwards. From somewhat melancholy singing to straight instrumentals with record scratching here and there and melodic drums, this album is complete with its irresistable beats that can put Portishead to shame. The album begins highlighting Skye Edward’s vocals and dark sound. Later in the album (and my personal favorite) begins the instrumentals with a more trip hop feel that is reminiscent of older Sneaker Pimps. This album is a great showcase of Morcheeba’s electtic mixes of tip hop, soul, electronica, blues, and will definitely capture many with its hypnotizing beats.

Track picks:
8. Cut To The Chase
9. Self Made Man
10. Beat of the Drum

For fans of: Sneaker Pimps, Hooverphonic, Massive Attack, Portishead

FCC Friendly

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