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WIMPY DICKS Home Grown Terror CD

WIMPY DICKS / Home Grown Terror CD / Bopp’N’Skin Records / 2010

It’s like I stepped into a time machine and am suddenly back to 1982, listening to hardcore punk bands practicing in someone’s mom’s basement. This release actually captures that naïve and spontaneous feel that made hardcore so appealing back in the day

D.R.I., M.I.A., J.F.A.

3 “Congressional Body Bag” (anti-war anthem)
7 “Unknown Soldier” (the M.I.A. classic)
10 “Natural Causes” (shades of SUBHUMANS UK)

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NEW AT PCR: Morcheeba- Blood Like Lemonade

Morcheeba/ Blood Like Lemonade/ Pias

The atmospheric new album by Morcheeba, “Blood Like Lemonade,” leaves you with its haunting prescence and wanting more trip hop eclectic mixes of shadowy songs narrated by the soulful voice of Skye Edwards. From somewhat melancholy singing to straight instrumentals with record scratching here and there and melodic drums, this album is complete with its irresistable beats that can put Portishead to shame. The album begins highlighting Skye Edward’s vocals and dark sound. Later in the album (and my personal favorite) begins the instrumentals with a more trip hop feel that is reminiscent of older Sneaker Pimps. This album is a great showcase of Morcheeba’s electtic mixes of tip hop, soul, electronica, blues, and will definitely capture many with its hypnotizing beats.

Track picks:
8. Cut To The Chase
9. Self Made Man
10. Beat of the Drum

For fans of: Sneaker Pimps, Hooverphonic, Massive Attack, Portishead

FCC Friendly

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ANDY GASSAWAY / Hellfire CD / Indian Casino Records / 2010

A real one-man effort, with Mr. GASSAWAY playing practically all instruments on the 10 songs here. Twangy garage psychedelic country roots skronk from way up there in Seattle recorded lovingly at home. Hard to place in space and time, which I consider a good thing!


1 “Hellfire” (herky-jerky country pop hit with wacked harmonica)
4 “Primrose Freeway” (sounding like a lost MOBY GRAPE track)
7 “Come On Back” (DAVE EDMONDS move over)

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New At PCR-Miss TK & The Revenge- The Ocean Likes To Party Too

Miss TK & The Revenge/ The Ocean Likes To Party Too/ Ernest Jenning Recording Co

With sweetly seductive vocals smooth as honey (and like a less volatile version of Karen O) backed by disco punk sounds with catchy drummings and 80s type new wave synth, Miss TK and The Revenge concocts the perfect dance album, The Ocean Likes To Party Too. Fun and upbeat, the album is almost reminiscent of an older Le Tigre album as it captures the sane electronic elements mixed with sassy girl vocals and punk elements.”Hotter and Sweeter” sounds like an updated version of “I Know What Boys Like” by the Waitresses, as later in the album “Shimmy Sha” sounds like a bonus track off of MIA’s last album with kitschy and catchy raps. The ultimate product is a divine combination of 80s synth, funky drums beats, dance punk origins, and sensual, singable vocals.

Track picks: 
3. Kids
7. Saturday
8. Cities on the Beach
9. Shimmy Sha
13. Wanna Dance

For fans of: New Young Pony Club, !!!, Le Tigre, Santigold, Blondie, Tom Tom Club

FCC clean

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MUSIC FROM THE FILM Playfully Abrasive CD

MUSIC FROM THE FILM / Playfully Abrasive CD / Self-Released / 2008

Eclectic, minimalist and experimental, mostly instrumental, with home-made instruments and plenty of inventiveness. Like a more laid-back instrumental CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, with structured jams that sound familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. For the more adventurous DJs out there.



2 “Scene One” (spacey banjo drone)
6 “Sillybear” (like some of DEVO’s early basement work)
14 “Consume” (hilarious exploration of chain-store manipulation)

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New Music Review: Ceschi “The One Man Band Broke Up”

Ceschi “The One Man Band Broke Up”
Review by Salex

I am a major fan of hip hop artists breaking away from the catchy hook and drum machine beat cliché, and producing something that surpasses genre barriers. . His LastFM page quotes that “The One Man Band Broke Up” is a hip hop album for non hip hop listeners. I think he goes farther as he reaches into the hearts and ears of hip hop and non hip hop listeners with no boundaries. Ceschi, a multi-instrument musician has been writing music, playing in several bands and singing since the ’90’s. “The One Man Band Broke Up”, is the one man band, Ceschi, playing most of the instruments, and sampling dialogue from film, and classic soul, 70″s psychedelic rock, jazz, and funk records. This album is a fusion of all those music styles and beyond. Ceschi has a smooth, articulate quality to his voice when he sings, and the rhythmic choices he makes as he spits rhymes is impressive. He weaves from acoustic folk and rock into ‘gangsta rap” seamlessly. He adds strings, horns and pianos into the mix of many of the songs, which adds complexity and depth to the overall feel of the album.  The tone throughout the record is dark and edgy. Guest musicians and MC’s add extra flavor to the mix as well.
Genres: Hip Hop, Rock, Experimental

For fans of: Aesop Rock, ? ? I was pretty stumped on additional similar artists.It is extremely hard to find artists just like Ceschi, but he is also a member of the band Toca, Anonymous Inc., Dead by Wednesday, Knuck Fest + more

My Picks:

# 1 – The One Man Band Broke Up
# 4 – Half Mast
# 5 – Fallen Famous
# 9 – Bad Jokes
# 12 – Swallowed Salt

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New at PCR – Baths / Ceruleans / Anticon

Baths / Ceruleans / Anticon / [2010]

This is some beautiful electronic music. Sometimes the emotionalism is dripping out of the speakers, and it may not be for everyone. The album has clear influences, and it’s constantly making of you think of similar artists. But Baths makes it all his own just be sheer talent, quality, and depth. The album opens with Apologetic Shoulder Blades, an Aphex Twin like mash up of beats with textured vocals. Lovely Bloodflow follows with chill hip hop beats and soft lyrics that’s just so easy to get lost in. Maximalist is next, and it really sums up the album for me. Perfectly arranged beats, beautiful chords, and a groove to bob your head to. Another one that stands out is Rafting Starlit Everglades, which hypnotizes you with its minimalism and piano riffs. Ceruleans rounds out with more chopped up vocals and warbling basslines, but always maintaining that tangible beauty and ambient sensibility. Highly recommended.

For fans of: Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Joris Voorn, Lamb, Zero 7, Brian Eno

Choice tracks:

02 Lovely Bloodflow
03 Maximalist
06 Rafting Starlit Everglades
07 Hall
10 Indoorsy
11 Plea
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ADICTS Life Goes On CD

ADICTS / Life Goes On CD / People Like You Records / 2010

Boy, I’m glad these guys survived the ‘80s, ‘90s, and ‘00s to bring us this punky pop treat. It sounds as fresh as 1982, with plenty of fist pumping anthems that will stick in your brain for days and days. Great singing, great playing, great lyrics – this is no icky band-past-its-prime thing. They were always one of my faves 25 some years ago, and remain so with this strong release.



2 “I Love You But Don’t Come Near Me” (super-catchy tribute to ambivalence)
5 “Over There” (way better than the WWI anthem)
11 “Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out” (“Everybody’s Happy Nowadays” updated)

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DEVO Something For Everybody CD

DEVO / Something For Everybody CD / Warner Brothers Records / 2010

Rock journalists under the age of 30 seem to be unmoved by DEVO’s return to major label popdom after 20 some years away, but I’m over 30 and I’m giving it a pretty solid thumbs up. The boys have done a lot of other things in the interim (like scoring Nickelodeon cartoons and managing a NYC art gallery), but this album has them sounding like they never left. It’s nice to hear guitars once again at the forefront, synths sounding barely updated, and plenty of the offbeat humor that made them more palatable than their British synth-goth followers. Sure it’s not as great as their best moments of the past, but it’s a fair sight better than most of the synth-pop out these days.


2 “What We Do” (nods to DEPECHE MODE, but much funnier)
4 “Don’t Shoot (I’m A Man)” (repeated “don’t tase me, bro” at the end clinches it)
6 “Human Rocket” (when these guys use autotune on vocals it actually works!)

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LERT SOMBOON FESTIVAL OF LOVE / That Was Now, This Is Then CD / Self-Released / 2010

Midwest bad attitude music made in the ’80s sounding like an underground ‘70s version of ‘60s garage-psychedelia. In other words, it’s right up my alley! Weird and raw, heavy and goofy, an unholy spawn of past glories from Cleveland and Detroit more than from their home of Chicago. Relentlessly nerdy and cool!


1 “Gotta Wanna Momma” (like HENRIX recorded in a dingy basement)
3 “Apples And Onions” (NEIL YOUNG on a bad acid trip)
10 “Freedom” (straight off the NUGGETS’ comps)

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