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Diamanda Galas @ YBCA, 10/21

A rare treat it was to be graced with the presence of Diamanda Galas. Her haunting vocals send chills down my spine.

She’s doing a limited world tour and thankfully hit San Francisco performing “Defixiones: Orders From the Dead”. The release is powerful and fun to listen to in chunks, but I would’ve preferred more of a concert with a variety of her work than only focusing on this one performance/release.

She was beautiful. Vocally stunning and the crowd was great, listening intently even during the quiet segments.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the show, but I would’ve also been much better if it was perrformed @ Great American Music Hall or somewhere similar. YBCA has a huge stage and she used the whole stage….way too much space for what she needed….her piano and a lyric stand….well, two lyric stands when she left her piano to bust it out from her diaphram. The stage was so large it was almost silly and even though she is THEE diamanda galas, the stage dwarfed her. And the lighting tech was slightly irritating…..a little over the top during most of the show.

Santa Cruz has been added to the tour, she’ll be there in a few days performing a different piece, “Guilty Guilty Guilty”. I’d go check it out but don’t have the time.

She’ll be in Los Angeles with “Guilty Guilty Guilty” on October 27th.

She’s an inspiration and a unique artist. Don’t miss her show if she happens in your city…..Berlin, Lisbonk, Bari (Italy) & Milan in November.

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