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HOT FOG Wyvern And Children First EP

HOT FOG / Wyvern And Children First EP / Self-Released / 2010

RONNIE JAMES DIO may be gone, but he’s far from forgotten. A whole new generation of geeky Dungeons and Dragons-playing metalheads are keeping the dream alive, steeped in Olde English Pagan mythology and rhythmic bass-string boogie. The lyrics are written in Gothic typeface, and the back cover of this 45RPM 12” vinyl offering includes the classic comment, “I’m gonna kill you in the face.” It will make the adolescent male nerd in you start jerking your cervical spine violently!


1 “Dwarf King Of The Sovereign” (can’t get more D&D than that!)
3 “Blood Wedding” (serious ‘70s metal vibes)
4 “Death Killers” (the sequal to “Killed By Death”?)

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