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New at PCR: Jukebox the Ghost/ Everything Under the Sun/ Yeproc Records

Jukebox the Ghost/ Everything Under the Sun/ Yeproc Records

I was excited when I got this album to review (a physical CD no less) because I was familiar with their previous album. That and- who doesn’t love some happy pop rock about band boys liking girls? Let’s just say that Jukebox the Ghost didn’t change course with their new album, Everything Under the Sun. They are a band that plays happy pop rock somewhere in between Phoenix and Sugar Cult. Though it seems as though they can’t quite make up their mind if they want to appeal to the 14-18 year old pop alternative crowd, or the mid twenties indie snobs with a desire to dance their face off to happy pop music, they still appeal to a nice middle of the two quite well.

Schizophrenia, the opening track, is by far the catchiest. And honestly, it’s pretty darned enjoyable to listen to while driving on a summer evening. The rest are exactly what you’d expect from a band that’s toured with the Ben Folds and Adam Green from the Moldy Peaches. Good old fashioned pop-rock.

My favorite tracks of innocent melodic synth-keyboard pop are:
1- Schizophrenia,
10- The Stars (where the singer most certainly resembles Ben Folds)
11- The Popular Thing

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