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The Flying Skulls / Take Flight / 1320 Records

J.Tonal of the Flying Skulls did a little set on my show and passed their newest release on to Pirate Cat Radio. I’m so hyped on it, I’m reviewing it the very next day. These guys produce some of the best deep bass party grime, but somehow manage to stay sophisticated and hold the listener’s attention for more than 5 minutes. Raw, but never hard on the ears, each of the three djs of The Flying Skulls brings their own flavor, making the overall sound a tricked out blend of crunk, dubstep and breaks. They collaborate with some of best bay area musicians and have recently opened for Kode9. I know you electronic DJs at Pirate Cat are gonna love this one!

1. Skeleton Talk (Blip Switch Mix)
3. Modicum Maxime Instrumental (Lotus Mix)
5. Money (Album Mix)
6. The Dope Trade

For Fans of: Lowpro Lounge, Flying Lotus, 16 Bit, Filastine, Lazer Sword, Joker, Megasoid

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