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New Music: Jammer “Jahmanji” Ninja Tune

Jammer “Jahmanji” Ninja Tune
Review by Salex

Back in March of 2010, I was quite excited when I heard a remix of Jammer’s “Better Than (Lorn Mix)” on the Ninja Tune March 2010 singles EP. Shortly after the single hit the airwaves, dubstep and grime DJ’s were quickly rocking that tune on the dance floors. Its a proper banger with crunchy synth stabs and a dark thick gnawing dub bass line. That track was a hard hitting declaration of Jahmek Power’s [Jammer’s] mic skills, straight from one of the original grime producer/MCs. “Jahmanji” takes that grimey attitude to a whole new level of swagger, incorporating reggae rhythms, 4×4 basslines, Soca rhythms, 808 beats, glitchy electro samples, and lots of synths. pioneering Londoner has greatly influenced other emerging artists such as Dizzee Rascal, Kano, Wiley, M.I.A, and The Streets. Grime pretty much is to the UK as Hip Hop is to the US. They are very important musical genres in the underground and main stream scenes. Many music lovers in the US were never really aware of grime until UK Grime and US Hip Hop MC’s and producers started banding together with collaborations. Grime is dance music that comes from so many cultural, political and musical influences, that it can cross “scene” barriers, and get everyone down and dirty on the dance floor. Grime is heavily influenced by Jamaica and other Caribbean islands, more so than American Hip Hop. Jammer takes his sound to whole new levels on this release by including electro, R&B, breakbeats, drum & bass and 4×4 garage/2step house that is a little bit 90’s Chicago/NYC and 2-Step Garage bottled up for the 21st Century. Jammer is a master of knowledge and words, and his close observations and interpretations of day to day life experiences, internal realizations, and society are transcribed into vibrant, emotional tracks. This is definitely a great album for clubbers, ravers, dance, grime and hip hop fans, as well as first timer’s who are ready for a completely new addition to their music libraries.
Genres: RPM, Grime, Electronic, Hip Hop
For Fans of:
Dizzie Rascal, Kano, Wiley,
*** FCC WARNING #8 – “Back to the 90’s” is the only FCC CLEAN TRACK***

My track picks:
# 1 The Beginning
# 4 Bad Mind People
# 5 Max Not Minimum
# 8 Back to the 90’s
# 11 Party Animal
# 12 One Too Many featuring Kivanc
#13 Better Than

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