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New Music: Loden “Buggy” Mush Records

Loden “Buggy” Mush Records
Review by Salex

“Buggy” is a fun, bouncy, melodic and glitchy IDM adventure; a glimpse into the complex musical mind of Brussels’ born producer Loden. The album has a cinematic quality, and each one of the tracks is completely unique from the other, yet closely related and I especially enjoy the cohesiveness of them together as a whole, as if he were performing a live DJ set. They flow around diverse array of tempos, melodies, themes, deep bass, samples, delays, textures, soundscapes and moods. IDM is limitless in possibilities, and he does not hold back one bit. He uses 8-bit video game sounds keys and bass lines, Theremin tinged blips and chorus filled synth lines, different keyboard instruments and cleverly placed vocal samples throughout the album. Loden expertly combines chill uplifting downtempo ambience, minimal techno, electro, disco, breaks, and dirty funk with a hint of darkness. The album kicks off on a mellow minimal tone and gradually builds up the tempo and mood. I like the dark vibe of “Fantast” It is starts out with just simple bass notes, slowly adding chords, arpeggios, vocal samples and beats. Robotic, mechanical noises are arranged into melodic stories. If you are a fan of electropop you will love “Eeties”, which is a great tribute to 80’s synthpop. Things get a bit grimey on “Friek”, where the beats and bass are super dirty. “Buggy” is the perfect choice for an afternoon or early evening “chill session”, but is total psychedelic mind candy at the same time, so it is really best enjoyed on a well equipped sound system.
Genres: RPM, IDM, Glitchy, Electro, Ambient
For Fans of: Aphex Twin, Orbital, Mux Mool

**FCC Warning** #13 “Hot” is NOT CLEAN **

My Track Picks:
#3 Rubber Floors Give More Bounce
#7 Waking Up Radio Problems
#8 My Face Came Off
#9 Fantast
#11 Unpaid Waver
#14 Alice Go Go Go

Artist Site: www.myspace.com/lodenmusic
Label Site: www.mushrecords.com

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