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Ska is Dead Tour IV@ Slims 2/1/09 Review

Ska is Dead Tour IV@ Slims 2/1/09

Now marking it’s fourth year, The Ska is Dead tour made it’s way to San Francisco. Although this is the fourth installment of the ska is dead tour this is the first one I’ve attended. I was super stoked to see the two headlining acts which were The Toasters and Voodoo Glow Skulls.

I arrived a little late missing about half of Monkey’s set. I wasn’t too keen on the first two acts; It’s not the style of ska I dig anyway. The lights went dim and the Toasters hit the stage and joined with them was the original bass player of the English Beat!

The Toasters opened up with Two Tone Army which set the crowd into a frenzy. The dance floor was moving with fans skanking  and singing along. Their whole set was short but sweet in every way. The Toasters sound was persistent through their whole set never once missed a beat. If you are a fan of ska, you should definitely check them out.

The headliner was Voodoo Glow Skulls. VGS was the band I came out to see. The energy was pumping as they blazed through a solid set of VGS hits. The crowd was definitely enjoying the sound of Voodoo as a skanking mosh pit broke out for most of their set. One of the highlights of the VGS set is when their mascot joined them on stage to dance and sing along to Band Geek Mafia.  All night I was just waiting to hear Empty Bottles which ended up not getting played. Nevertheless, VGS is always a pleasure to see.

Big credit to Dave Kirchgessner for keeping the Ska is Dead Tour going. The tour was a treat to witness. Every band brought their own style of ska and brought out such a diverse crowd. I had tons of fun and I miss the energy of a live punk/ska show and I hope to attend more soon.

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