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The Yes Go’s @ Kimo’s on September 3rd

First off, Labor Day in San Francisco is AWESOME for us locals who like to find parking right in front of clubs on a Saturday night.

Which isn’t the greatest thing for a band who plays on labor day weekend since everyone is out of town and crowds are limited.

I’ve seen The Yes Go’s at least five times over the last year or so….and through a couple of line up changes. Sophie, the lead singer and guitarist and Lester, the drummer have remained the core of the band.

On Saturday’s show, I got to see them with their new bass player…she has a great stage presence and completes The Yes Go’s. Like a “you complete me” you’d say to someone you’re asking to marry or something.

Here’s a link to The Yes Go’s myspace account.

Sophie leads the band, she sways as she plays and sings. She has a great voice, but sitting back and watching her play her guitar like it ain’t nothin’ but a thing, and you’ll be intimidated.

They have an infectious sound, indie-garage-rock with a sprinkle of 80’s new wave, mainly b/c of Sophie’s vocal style.

The only problem with Saturday’s show is the set went quite long….I’m thinking about 45-55 minutes. I only point this out b/c I used to do stand up comedy, and there’s a fine line between keeping the audience loving you and wanting more and alienating your audience because of going too long. If they tighten their set with their best stuff, keep it at 25 minutes, maybe 30, they’ll shine….and…

They’re ready to become a driving force in the local San Francisco music scene.

The Yes Go’s are playing again this Thurs. @ Kimo’s, so go check them out.

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