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UNITS History Of The Units CD

UNITS / History Of The Units CD / Community Library Records / 2009

Some consider San Francisco legends the UNITS the first synth-punk band to be represented on 7” (“High Pressure Days” in 1979), but whether they were indeed the first they were one of the best.  With the underpinning of an angry anti-consumerist manifesto giving them a strong philosophical thrust, they resisted succumbing to traditional punk band instrumentation in an effort to break molds on many different levels.  Though they weren’t ultimately successful in breaking through to a wide national audience like many of their peers, they retained far more integrity and creative control than the flood of synth-pop bands from the era documented on this disc (late ‘70s and early ‘80s).


5  “High Pressure Days” (synthpop antidisestablismentarianist anthem)
12 “Warm Moving Bodies” (sarcastic dance hit)
19 “Digital Stimulation” (nice double meaning)

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