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Vote Nihilism 2006… or… What ever I dont care.

“The main plank of this campaign is secession from the United States. I know people say this or that is no panacea, but I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. Secession is a panacea. It would add billions to the California budget without raising taxes, and it would get those red state bible-thumpers off our ass.”

The solution to California’s problems

Secession Now!

    Reasons to secede from the United States:

  • abortions for everyone.
  • instead of spending $500 from the average California taxpayer on virginity classes in Texas, spend it on something fun in California.
  • bring our soldiers back from Iraq so they can defend California from the hegemonic United States military.
  • no Christian Taliban in Washington telling us how bad we are.
  • California universal medical insurance gives our businesses an advantage over businesses in other states.
  • develop an energy policy that involves more than drilling in Alaska.
  • a legalized California marijuana industry provides high quality product to the world.
  • marriage for gays only. Straight couples have the same legal rights if they register, but no kissing in public.
  • eminent domain only to be used to take WalMart buildings for low cost housing and abortion clinics.
  • support for scientists who actually experiment and find out stuff.
  • no tax breaks for children, churches or SUV’s.
  • oil company and church tax revenues will provide free college educations for all Californians.
  • friendly relations with Cuba and Venezuela provide Californians with good cigars, a safe oil supply, and Carribean vacations.
  • California Supreme Court justices Angela Davis and Jon Stewart.
  • new speed limit, 180 miles per hour.
  • A Vote for Shapiro is a Vote for Secession

    Highlights of the Schwarzenegger Administration:

  • power-grab election against Gray Davis
  • vetoing gay marriage
  • defunding California education
  • power-grab election against public workers
  • executing Tooky Williams
  • pretending to be moderate
  • massively increasing California’s debt

Vote Nihilism 2006
If Schwarzenegger doesn’t have the guts to tell the federal government where to get off, Elisha Shapiro certainly can.


Why are these men ruling California?

Elisha Shapiro was theNihilist Party candidate for President in 1988 and also ran for LA County Sheriff in 1994. He is best known for his nihilism-related conceptual art, including the1984 Nihilist Olympics in Los Angeles. He currently directs the Nihilist International Film Festival and hosts Nihilists’ Corner on cable television in Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco.

What can you do to help our campaign?

  • get petitions signed
  • arrange a campaign stop in your city
  • show your friends how to write-in Shapiro for Governor
  • Contact the Campaign at:
    National Nihilist Party
    PO Box 36422
    Los Angeles, CA 90036


  • Download your
    own copy of the Vote Nihilist campaign brochure PDF.
    It is formated to be printed on 8 1/2 by 14 inch paper. The file is just over 700 kb.

    How to write-in Shapiro for Governor


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