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What Poetry Can Do: It Can Influence Introspective Thinking

Poetry has always been an artistic means of expression throughout human existence. The Egyptians used it first to transcript stories of their everyday life. The Romantics used it to celebrate emotions in everyday existence. Today, poetry is used in every kind of mass media outlet, but it is not always used to tell the truth. It is left to the people to decipher what the true meaning is. Some people have found that there are still artists who do not stray too much from the beat in path, and write about experiences that they have had in their own lives. In that way, they stay within the tradition of the Egyptians and the Romantics in emphasizing the importance of human input in everyday experiences.

For instance, Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” suggested that people were only as educated as what they were doing on a daily basis. Specifically, people were strapped to chairs watching shadows on a wall all day and all night, and this was all they knew to be the truth, till they left the cave and entered the real world to find out what life was really about.

The directness displayed justifiably, “If you don’t know what you want” is definitely a strong phrase for the current generation because it questions ideas that we abide by every day. We all know people who live by the rules and do not try to do anything more than just make ends meet. We watch Music television and entertainment shows that tell us how we should live, what we should dress like, what music we should listen to. Basically, we don’t have to think for ourselves or have the slightest bit of imagination because all of it is already given to us. People who dispose of that kind of lifestyle are artists, in one form or another. It is effective to hear it in its metered form as a song that portrays a young man who works in a steel factory of some type or another, and he has no notion of anything else, but what he sees on a daily basis.

Poetry or lyrics to a song can speak to everyone, but most importantly the young generation that will eventually be running the world. What makes art authentic to the masses is how it connects to people in their individual lives and then how the person will relate their experience in the world around them. As in the essay What Art Means To Me, “Art, to me, is the tapeline to the ultimate thoughts of all mankind through the ages.” As music is an art form of sorts, it is well known for expressing mass social angst to young people throughout the world. As a result, it is essential to have art as a basis for social change and to have songs that give them the opportunity to think for themselves.

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